There are lots of entrepreneurs out there who have started plumbing companies for themselves, but not all businesses are created equal.  But we at Ethan Allen Plumbing Contractor & Bathroom Remodeling got started over twenty five years ago, and we have been steadily building up a meaningful role to our local communities.  Ethan Allen is an honest and hardworking boss as well as a Master Plumber.  Our company had humble beginnings, and today our staff size is still more compact and easier to manage, so that we can spend our focus on satisfying customer needs, rather than on micro management.

Whether you need residential or commercial work done, our plumbing contractors can take on a wide range of possible tasks for your latest plumbing needs or goals.  We can handle new construction projects, bathroom remodeling or installation, re-pipe service, drain cleaning, frozen pipe repair, shower repair, and water heater installations.    We often neglect our regular maintenance services that can help increase the lifespan and efficiency of your plumbing products such as shower or sink drains, sewer lines, and other fixtures.  But chances are, you could use a good and thorough cleaning service from our local plumber or plumbing contractors, which can be done in one visit.

Although you may be wary of local plumbing contractors because of your busy schedules and time constraints, there is no need to worry about punctuality when you call our out-of-state friends over at Elk Grove Village Plumber, or out own team at Ethan Allen Plumbing & Bathroom Remodeling.  If you are looking to redesign your restroom or purchase a new water heater or softener, we will finish getting them set up for you often in less than two hours.  Our competition may not show up on time, but we personally promise that we honor our appointments and commitments always.  We also are available 24/7 to handle all types of emergency plumbing situations like main water line breaks, sewer line breaks, frozen or leaky pipes, and more.  We understand that there are special circumstances that just can’t wait, and we guarantee to be receptive to your emergencies after hours and on the weekends too.

Did you know that home cooking is now easier and more popular than ever?  Lately there are so many competitions now televised on mainstream stations.  Everyone likes recreating their favorite dishes, but this can be hard to do with an electric stove because you just do not get the same degree of heat control that you will get when using a gas burner.  That is why in addition to water lines and sewer lines, we at Ethan Allen Plumbing Contractor & Bathroom Remodeling also offer gas piping for appliances like stoves.

Does your bathroom need remodeling?  From shower installations, to installing water heaters, our experts at Ethan Allen’s have multiple years of experience and we are all insured as well as licensed.  Every employee has a background check before hopping aboard on our team, so you don’t have to worry about who is doing service while your family is at home.  Give us a ring, and we can help you with a free quotation.