Even if you run your water steadily all winter season, without a reliable water heater you could end up with the costly expense from the many damages of frozen pipes.  It is no secret that water freezes in the cold, and that its molecular expansion in solid form can mean heap tons of trouble for good folks who are just trying to enjoy their holidays and festivities.  No worries though if you’re in the Palatine, Illinois area because of our trusted friends over at Palatine Plumber – best plumbing service.

Now, you may not be as much of a hot shower fanatic as most of us, but that doesn’t mean that you have no need for a hot water heater.  These units are the source of temperature control when it comes to all the water in your home or business.  You may not be aware, but nowadays there are also several different types of heaters available aside from the traditional ones with storage tanks.  If your current water heating system is overdue and needs servicing, you can trust our team of local plumbers to guide you through all the possible options.  We have a great range of different products like heat pumps, tankless water heaters, and even ones that can be powered by solar energy.

Even if you are not looking for a hot water tank installation soon, there are still many ways in which a local plumber from Ethan Allen Plumbing can bring you the best in customer care and plumbing repairs & services.  Whether the job is big or small, we guarantee that we will do it all for you efficiently, reliably, and at prices anyone could afford.