Your bathroom is an essential part of your home or business, and one of the primary aspects others will observe when forming a first impression about you.  It is the condition of the things that we use everyday in our lives that really say the most about us and our restrooms are prime examples of this.

Your showers and drains are critical to your daily hygiene rituals and we can not afford to allow them to be out of order for even a day.  So our team at Ethan Allen Plumbing Contractor & Bathroom Remodeling can help you with all types of shower repairs, from water damage restoration with neglected tiling, to adding ambiance with custom or special new shower heads.  And if you are in the market for a bathroom makeover, then you are looking in the right place for affordable and quick remodels from our plumbers.  And we are known around the neighborhood for having the most organized work sites, as well as thorough site clean up.  You will never have to worry about technicians tracking debris and mud into your home when you call our people here at Ethan Allen’s.

While they are at it, our local plumbers can also take care of your various drain cleaning needs.  Don’t trust the poor quality chemical drain cleaners that contain toxic materials– prevent big issues like backflow with our expert cleaning.  Not only is this going to improve your water pressure, but it will also help with the longevity of the rest of your plumbing fixtures.